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  1. 1.This competition is open to male and female professional dancers or students, who are studying at conservatoires or dance academies from all countries.
  2. 2.Documents proving age for categories must be provided.
  3. 3.Application form must be completed and filled correctly.
  4. 4.DVD recordings should be posted to the competition jury not later than April 25, 2014.
  5. 5.The contestants who have applied for the dvd selections and pass through the 1st round with solo dances should continue also the 2nd and 3rd rounds with solo dances.  The contestants who have applied for the dvd selections and pass through the 1st round with pas de deux should continue also the 2nd and 3rd rounds with pas de deux.
  6. 6.Partners accompanying the contestants should finance themselves.
  7. 7.The accompanying dancers will not be evaluated by the jury and they will accompany as “non-competitive participants”.
  8. 8. The contestants who pass the DVD audition will write the names of the works that they will perform and the names of the composers along with the names of the choreographers in the “Semi-Finals Application Form”. The Committee may request the works that are proven to have copy-right problems, to be changed with alternatives. The contestants agree, in advance, to make this change.
  9. 9.Documents required from contestants who pass the DVD elimination and qualify to compete in the competition are as follows:
    Curriculum vitae
    Three photographs (one portrait, one in costume, one in practice clothes) dimensions :13cm x 15cm
    Photocopies of passport or identity card, student documents from students.
  10. 10.The contestants who pass the DVD selection, will pay € 50 (Euros), as an application fee, to the bank account identified. under the subtitle of “Application” on this web site.
  12. 12.Choreographers or teachers who accompany contestants should finance themselves.
  13. 13.Contestants will bring their own make-up material, costumes etc….
  14. 14.Contestants may join classical ballet classes organized by the committee if they wish.
  15. 15.Stage and studio rehearsal times and programmes will be set in the meeting that will take place before the competition.
  16. 16.All contestants should be in Istanbul by June 21, 2014 before 4:00 p.m when the competition meeting will take place.
  17. 17.All contestants must obey to the rules and programming set by the competition committee.
  18. 18.Any contestant who does not have the required documents or does not act according to the programme that is set by the Competition Committee will be disqualified.
  19. In each round contestants will perform different choreographies that they have chosen from the ‘compulsory’ list.
  20. 19.Contestants, who wish to make changes in the choreography that they have chosen to perform, have to notify the
  21. Committee during the two hour period after the results of the last round have been announced.
  22. 20.The accommodation fees of the contestants participating in the competition will be paid by the Competition Committee as long as they proceed through the competition. Contestants who do not pass through to the finals, must check out from their hotels at 12:00 a.m. on the following day of the selection announcement related to the tour that they have failed.
  23. 21.Contestants participating in the competition will be paid 20 Euros per-diem by the Competition Committee starting as of June 21, 2014 (arrival date to Istanbul),  as long as they proceed through the competition. Contestants who do not pass through to the finals, will be paid their last per-diem on the day of the announcement of their failure. The last per-diem payment for the contestants, who are awarded a prize, will be made on June 26, 2014 (the day of Gala Night and the Award Ceremony).
  24. 22.Grand Prix will be offered to a contestant who will be selected from among the participants of the Seniors Category.


Awards will be deposited only in the “Euro Bank Account” of the winners.
All Contestants coming to Istanbul for the second round of The Competition should inform the Competition Artistic Director, (,
their Euros Bank Account IBAN number, on their own name or their parents’ name if they are younger than 18 years old.


1. DVD Application forms can be obtained from our web site.
2. The choreography required for solo participants should not be longer than 5 minutes and for couples not more than 8 minutes for DVD recordings.
a- Name, Surname, Age and Country should be written in the first section.
b- Barré, Centre, Allegro exercises and classical  one variation or pas de deux selected from the compulsory repertoire should be entered in the second section (any two combinations from the “barrè”, any two combinations from the “centre” and a combination from the “allegro”).
c- All DVD recordings must include music.
d-Any DVD recording posted after the deadline April 25, 2014  will not be accepted. Our organization is not held liable for any delay in mail.
Application documents will be posted to the following address:
Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Directorate
Mete Cad. No:6 34437


    • 1.Contestants are obliged to prepare the music recordings of the works that they will perform, in two separate CDs (one of which will be reserved for replacement) for both classical and contemporary pieces. These two CDs should be in "AIFF (audio ınterchange file format) OR  Wav (waveform audio file format) and 44100 Hz, 16 bit stereo".
    • 2.During the competition:
      White background (cyclorama)
      Black wings
      General light set-up
      Grey or black dance floor will be available on stage.

3.Contestants will compete with one lighting plan while dancing their classical choreography. However, they may request a different lighting plan for their contemporary choreography.

1. The jury will evaluate over 25 points.
2. Contestants that have an average score higher than the jury's approved acceptable score will gain the right to pass through to the next round.
3. Contestants do not have the right to object to the jury’s decisions or to ask for any related document from the jury members.

The dancers who are chosen by the Competition Committee amongst the awarded contestants, will perform one of the works from their competition repertoire ( classical or contemporary ) on the Gala Night of the competition, together with the ballet stars invited as the guest artists to this night. On the Gala Night, only the works that take place on the competition program will be staged.