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The dance competitions that are being held in great metropols of the world, are a chance for young dancers to expose themselves to the international dance world.

Being the European Cultural Capital in 2010, hosting such a competition, which will be held biannually, is very important both for the city of Istanbul and for the art of dance. Similar to its equivalents all over the world, realisation of such a competition in Istanbul, a capital respected as the showcase of Turkey, will play an important role in strengthening Turkey’s position in the international world of the Arts.

This type of a competition, which usually creates opportunities on an international level for young dancers, will encourage the Turkish artists and will contribute to the development of a certain ‘competitive spirit’ that is necessary for the artistic work.

The contestants will have the chance of exchanging ideas with the jury members and benefiting from their experiences, besides establishing close contacts and sharing a joint platform with the other contestants who will be taking part in the competition from different countries.